Food Video Information


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Recipe videos are the most popular thing on social media nowadays. Try scrolling through your feed for 2 minutes and not see a recipe video. Go ahead. I'll wait.

You back? Great. See what I mean? A recipe video can help your blog gather more shares, likes, viewers, and has the potential to go viral. Here is what I can offer you with each video:

Crisp 4K quality video

Multiple angle shooting

Music research

Styled to match your brand

2 video exports - 16x9 and 1x1


How it works:

You: Provide me with a recipe, br...

Me: I shoot...


Individual video (I shoot and edit)

I can provide basic ingredients (sugar, flour, olive oil, salt, etc.) but I would bill you for any additional or special ingredients. More complicated recipes may cost more as well. Once I see the recipe, I can let you know for sure, and we can come up with a per-project price in that case.

  • Regular food video
  • Sponsored Videos ($100 upcharge)

  • Raw Footage (I shoot, you edit)

The raw footage option is best for bloggers who have filmed their own videos before.


  • Additional still pictures of recipe - This is great if you want to re-shoot an old post to match the video.

  • Custom logo animation - This would go at the end of your video. The logo animation is a one time cost. After that we can use it in every new video we do.


Sponsored video

Sponsored Videos - ($100 upcharge)

Raw Footage (I shoot, you edit)